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Really useful app to find interesting things to see do, drink and eat in new places. I’ve been using it regularly in my travels over the past few months.
We have used numerous travel sites to find information about other countries, but Mi Travl was the ideal platform to find our needs due to its ease of use.
As, a businessman I don't have time to frantically look around the site to find what I need. Mi Travl simplifies everything by having it all in one spot.
My husband discovered this site when it first launch and has been our savior as we both travel for work. We love the design and simplicity of it!
Mi Travl is different from other travel sites as it has less bloatware and advertisements then all of the other platforms which I like.
Kari Granleese
Sara & Brooke
Khadir Gusav
John & Sarah
Jose Khavid